Join the Annual CSA Collaborative

Your Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) shares help to keep small farms as an important part of our rural environment, while providing you with the freshest, best tasting locally grown fruits and vegetables.  We offer two ways to earn CSA shares.

$200 CSA Share Purchase

Each $200 CSA share gives you a $220 credit toward produce, May through mid-November, including free "seconds" (produced that isn't perfect enough for display/sale) when available.

Earn Shares by Volunteering

The first 30 hours of labor (per household) as a farm hand -- planting, weeding, harvesting, or helping with the stand -- earns $325 worth of produce June through November.  (Start receiving produce after five hours/$55 credit.)  Additional share credits can be earned in $110 increments for each additional 10 hours of labor.  As with purchased CSA shares, members with volunteer shares are entitled to free "seconds" (produce that isn't perfect enough for display/sale) when available.

Work can be scheduled 1.5 hours/week, one day/month, or 30 hours in one week.  If you haven't done a lot of gardening/farming, this is a great opportunity to learn, too!

How it works

We operate on the honor system!  The log book in the farm stand has a page for each member.  Just record your purchases in the log book each time you visit.

How to Obtain CSA Shares

Share purchase:  print and return the Albee Farm CSA Application by dropping it off with payment at the farm, or by mailing your application and payment to

Amy Preston
P.O. Box 47
Alna, ME 04535

Labor Shares:  complete the Albee Farm CSA Application to, or mail it to the farm at the address below, or drop it off during your next visit.